About Us

TRAGGER embraces the idea of using less fossil fuel vehicles and devices and believes in the contribution of electric vehicles to a sustainable future. By minimizing its carbon footprint, the company does what it has to for a human- and environment-focused sustainable world. It produces 100% electric vehicles that are while offering superior performance with its design and engineering expertise. The manufacturing facility is located at Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone in Bursa.

TRAGGER designs electric vehicles with the user’s experience in mind. Its processes leverage the company’s 30+ years of expertise in automotive design and engineering. As a result of the conducted -a phrase like advanced etc.- engineering studies, the durability offered by its durable chassis; superior performance by its independent front suspension, high maneuverability, speed-sensitive electrically assisted steering system and driver presence sensor; and the comfort by its ergonomic and spacious cabin are reflected in the 100% electric vehicles with simple and compact dimensions.